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Global Focus

Specialized Danish Metal Business

Highly automated manufacturer of competence and fastening solution for the global wind sector, manufactures of plate heat exchangers and leading industrial companies around the globe.

Rose Holms core values

Rose Holms business philosophy is based on fast delivery, optimal logistics, high quality and constant productivity. It creates the strongest relationships with our customers and partners.


We have the courage to make decisions. We have the courage to try and test.


Our decisions are clear and easy to understand for anyone affected by them.


We go to work with a smile every single day.


Our decision are to be trusted. We are open and honest, and always keep what we promise. Wework on the principle: “Right first time” towards out customers.


Our work is characterized by a persistent curiosity aimed at new opportunities, new avenues and new solutions. We are characterized by always striving for improvements in everything we deal with. We are characterized by always having cooperation in focus.

Professionalism at all levels

Rose Holm A/S invest continuously in automation to strengthen its competitiveness, to become our core customer’s preferred partner.


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Meet Rose Holm A/S


Ann Rose Bokkenheuser

Ann Rose Bokkenheuser is the CEO and since 2010 the owner of Rose Holm A/S. Ann Rose Bokkenheuser is third generation in the company.

Meet Rose Holm's


Rose Holm A/S is based on experience and commitment and counts today 30 dedicated employees.