Rose Holm A/S


Technology, capacity and competences.

Rose Holm A/S’s headquarter is located in Lynge, Denmark – just north of Copenhagen.

Highly automated lean production processes and focus on optimal logistics is the foundation for Rose Holms continuous long term growth. 

Ongoing investments in new production technology, flexibility, know how and a large production plant provide Rose Holm to offer clients and customers a variety of quality fastener solutions.

Ann Rose Bokkenheuser is third generation owner and CEO of Rose Holm A/S.

Since 2011 Ann Rose Bokkenheuser has been in charge of Rose Holm.

If you want to know more about Rose Holm, please feel free to contact CEO Ann Roe Bokkenheuser.

Address: Vassingerødvej 84, DK-3540, Lynge, DENMARK

Phone: +45 4816 3366


CVR-nr.: DK33078056