Rose Holm A/S


Automated production of high quality fasteners for the North American market.

Rose Holm. Inc holds a 20.000 ft2 production plant in Richmond, Virginia.

Exchangers producers, the global wind turbine sector and north American companies within the construction industry are among our clients.

Our strong market position is based on experiences, agile production, dedicated staff and ongoing investments in the latest within advanced production technology.

Since we established our automated US-production in 2020 – the first production plant outside Denmark – we have contributed to enhancing Rose Holm’s world class fastening solutions.

In 2021 – just one year after the establishment of production in US – Rose Holm.Inc. – was proudly awarded Supplier of the Year by Alfa Laval.

High quality, ongoing productivity improvements, fast delivery, optimal logistics and long-term relationships with our international customers and partners are core for us.

If you want to know more about Rose Holm Inc., please feel free to contact General Manager Matthew Barnes.